Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Messy Messy Kitchen!

My kitchen is.....

a huge mess! The center island is full of junk and the counters are uber cluttered! I don't let the kids cook with me because the mess will just get bigger and something might get ruined. Which means I 

a: feel guilty for not teaching them skills they will need.
b: get angry and crabby about what I can and/or can't do.

So where to start? Guess we start at the back door and go clockwise around the room. That way I take tiny steps and don't just shuffle things around. Which will lead to a full garbage can, a happy mommy, a happy husband and most importantly a decluttered kitchen.

Here's the before.....

And my After....

So not too shabby for an afternoon. I emptied the garbage twice and it looks like I should take it out again. Yay go me! It looks much better now what to do tomorrow?

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