Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunny Side Up

Do you see things in a positive light? Are you a sunny side up kinda person?

I actually enjoy budgeting and paying my bills. It's a game to me however it is depressing as hell when you can't pay every bill and uber sad when you reconcile your bank account only to find out you spent it all and didn't pay a single bill. I found the website quite a few years ago when things were really crummy.

 I am not sure why the heck My hubby and I thought it was a good idea for us to have a car payment that was $543 every month. But that site helped me to see what a realistic budget should be. Now don't think I'm some money guru and I know everything however I have learned to like planning for things and it feels awesome when you get to but that item you've been saving for even if it only $20. 

For some reason finances where never discussed growing up by my mother or by Mark's parents. I picked up her habits even though my mother and I never talked about money. I wonder if it wasn't picking up the habits just because we never discussed it?? I guess I had the thought process that there would always be money in my account. WRONG! Oh is that ever a wake up call! Mark does tend to buy things just because he wants them. We all need shoes and yes you do definitely get what you pay for, however I just asked Mark to buy his favorite brand of shoe DC for around $40. It requires patience and he did it! It was awesome! 

It's a sore subject to talk about money no matter when/why/how/where I bring it up. Sometimes I find myself giving a disclaimer statement about what I'm going to dive into. And even if I'm not looking at him I know he's rolling his eyes at me. In fact I do get a lot of eye rolls and they aren't all just from him. 

So how do you keep your finances organized?